Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shawled up!

How to wear a shawl a hundred different ways - all of us look up those videos once in a while. We like some, twitch at some, stick to some and forget the rest. End of the day, a shawl is shawl, right? Wrong.
Meet this versatile shawl from Shawl Dawls. A unique piece of clothing that transforms from a shawl to an evening dress, and everything in between, in seconds. Their tagline could easily be “It can also be a shawl”. This one shoulder sage green dress is one of their gorgeous shawls. Need I say more?

Shawls worn as a dress: Shawl Dawls 
Shoes: Old
Belt: Forever New (Old) Prettier option

I first met the vivacious duo behind this one size fits all fashion marvel at an emerging designers event earlier this year, and, their product stayed in my head long after they went back to LA. When I heard they were back in town for another event, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet them. Know more about them, and, show you guys this creative piece of clothing.
Catherine Rejano, Julie Cruz, Roshena Chadha, Jessica Koay (Missing!: Taniya Ahmed)
The chirpy Julie Cruz, and, the spunky Roshena Chadha, both first time entrepreneurs, spoke about how the idea sprung up during a casual shopping jaunt when Julie wondered how much you can do with a shawl, if only…and that is exactly the gap they have filled. From a one product start-up a couple of months ago, Shawl Dawls has already breezed into accessories, make-up and shawls for toddlers too! I enjoyed browsing through their collection of not just shawls but also cute little buttons that help hold the shawl in style.
Small Dawls
Over a delicious home cooked meal made by Roshena with the help of their sprightly interns, Catherine and Jessica, it is inspiring to hear them talk about how they quit their 9 to 5’s to work on this full time. The years they spent as fashion school is finally put to good use.
The cool caprese salad was a wonderful start to the meal that got better by the course - both, food and the conversation. They told me how they change their collection by the season, so their current Fall/Winter collection is stocked up with plaids and wool. In the summer, their shawls work great as sarongs or swim cover-ups.
 Caprese Salad
This colorful Summer salad served on a bed of greens and sprinkled with strawberries and oranges was spot on for a hot Phoenix evening, followed by the comforting vegetable rigatoni with bell peppers and broccoli.
Summer Salad
Catherine and Jessica all set for the meal
They definitely saved the best for last - the butterscotch fudge. As they serve it in a shot glass topped with roasted walnuts and drowned in caramel sauce, they tell me about the Shawl Soiree they can organize for your bunch of girlfriends where they offer discounts on the shawls purchased.

Butterscotch Fudge
As I was all set to bid goodbye, a couple of pounds heavier, I learnt there is more to look forward to, and, soon at that. I cannot wait to watch the wonders these girls will do with The shawl.
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