About me

Even as I rebelled against many customs and practices while I was growing up in India, taking ones shoes off before entering homes brought much pleasure to me as a child. I would stomp around in everybody else’s shoes much to the annoyance of my parents! I moved on from shoes, to trying on my older sister's clothes, and discreetly, my mom's sarees as well. Doused in six yards of silky chiffon, I would drag myself to the kitchen in regular intervals to get my fill of that bag of chips or a bar of chocolate that would refuse to dance around in my head until it was polished off!
I soon realized that clothes and shoes can keep me busy for hours and food was the only possible distraction. Over time, my love for food turned into a passion, even as I resisted the urge to become a professional chef. I still do!
This blog is a desperate measure to keep me straying from being a lawyer. For sharing my passion for fashion, and, weakness for food.

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