Monday, May 7, 2012

Oranges and cream

We always wonder what dessert to make when hosting a lunch or dinner at home, eventually giving into a tub of ice-cream or something from the bakery. Dessert anxiety is common. Most people are adventurous enough to plan a five course meal, only to outsource the dessert. Of course, how many of us can boast of perfectly baked cakes or immaculate souffl├ęs?

However, the next time, before you give in to the store bought dessert, try this. Yes, even the novices and the 'disasters in the kitchen' who take pride in their ability to make eggs should give this a shot.

I have timed this one, and, (including the time to open the can of oranges) it takes less than fifteen minutes, and, requires little to no culinary expertise (to look like someone with one!)

Here's what you need

Low fat sour cream - 16 oz
Low fat yogurt - 16 oz
Powdered sugar - one cup (taste and add more if "needed")
Mandarin oranges (drained) - small can (11 oz)
Pistachios (crushed) - a handful
Cardamom - 2-3
Cinnamon powder - a pinch or two

Add if you want to *

Saffron - tiny pinch
Almonds (flakes) - half a handful


Oranges: Drain all the syrup out of the oranges and keep them aside
Almonds: Slice each almond vertically into 3-4 pieces and stow away
Cardamom and pistachios: Blend them (dry) coarsely
Saffron: Soak a tiny pinch in a spoonful or two of milk for a couple of minutes

Get started

1. Take a bowl in which you want to serve the dessert.
2. Blend the sour cream and yogurt into a smooth paste and fold in the sugar.
3. Taste. If you need, like or want more sugar - go ahead and add some.
4. Add the cinnamon, coarsely powdered cardamom and pistachio and mix well.
5. Add the saffron along with the milk in which you soaked it
6. Top with the mandarin oranges and refrigerate until you are ready to eat.
6. No refrigeration necessary if you are ready to eat it right away!
7. Minutes before you eat,  microwave the almond flakes for 30 seconds, sprinkle on top and serve!

Three on a good day.

There have been days when it barely serves one.

* You will notice saffron and almond flakes missing from the picture. It is still as good.


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  2. Thanks for this simple recipe. I tried this with apples since that was all I had at home and it tasted great. I have oranges on my shopping list for this weekend.

    1. Oranges give the creamy sweet base a tangy flavor, but, I a glad you tried it with another fruit and liked it.


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