Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello Summer!

White has always been my favorite color. I seldom need a reason to wear white, but, I had to kick start summer in this airy white dress. What better than white to beat the heat. Since, it was a graduation brunch (hence, a younger vibe) I wore this to, I choose these shoes to add some spunk to the otherwise feminine ensemble.

Dress: Charlotte Russe (other pretty sundresses herehere, here and here), Shoes: Zara

White comes with trouble and lots of it. It is difficult to maintain, not practical because of its transparecy, makes one look bigger and paler than they are. Right? Wrong.

White, like any other color has to be worn right. Versatility and splendour of a white outfit is hard to beat. Follow this simple guide to not only buy more whites, but also to put your best foot forward in them!

Checklist for white outfits
  • Check the transparency of the outfit: Place your hand behind the fabric, wear it and check against light. That's the cardinal rule for buying any white clothing. If it comes with a lining, it is a hassle free pick.
  • Buy the right inners: White on white doesn't work. Always go for inners closer to your skin tone. Investing in this and this will suffice for most of your white outfits. Check this out for more options.
  • Try white for formal wear: This white blazer beats well-tailored navys and greys. While choosing white for formal wear, stick to a sharp cut and a heavy fabric.
  • Choose the right fabric: Natural fabrics like linen and cotton have a better fall (especially in white) than clingy polyester or nylon.
  • Choose YOUR white: Bright whites suit olive to dark skin tones, while cream and off-white suits pale skin tones. Try different whites until you figure out which shade suits you best. Pale skin toned women can also carry off white better by choosing outfits that have a different shade along the neckline and sleeves. Checkout this, this and this.
  • Accessorize right: While you need to stick to just one or two pieces, pick bold pieces that stand out. An oversized gold watch or golden hoops will add character to the look without dominating the white canvas. For a more muted look choose pearls and pastels.
  • Shoes:You will most likely have more than one pair that matches your white dress. Choose your shoes according to the occasion. Go for gold for more formal occasions, browns and earthy shades for a walking filled day, and, brighter colors for a fun evening out.  


  1. So delicate, so pretty!
    The white looks gorgeous on you. Love the way, you have added the color (shoes).


  2. the dress is so pretty and chic..lovely color blocked shoes:)
    you look stunning:)
    Elegance Stylized Blog❤

  3. What an elegant style, love how you have picked all this together.

  4. lovely dress!!.....and you look so pretty!!

    yes wearing whites is tricky but always rewarding :)

  5. Great outfit! Love the shoes.

  6. Thanks guys! It sure is rewarding :)


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